New Direction

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We are a new church, with new life, and a "New Direction".  We've gathered together a group of people who desire to see their lives changed, and so they've chosen to go in this "New Direction".

Our church is centered on the teaching of what the bible calls grace. For us, grace is seen as we welcome those who are in need of a second chance, those who have made choices they aren't proud of, or those who just want to make positive changes in their lives.  We are not perfect and neither is our church.  We are simply a group of people that desire to move in a direction that pleases God.

God has given us a second chance and He wants to provide that for you too.  To be honest, we are just ordinary people who serve an extraordinary God!  He has brought us into a new life because of His love and we want to pass that love on to you.  We welcome you wherever you are and look forward to seeing the amazing things God will do in and through you.  Welcome to your New Direction!